The event is cancelled.

See email from Executive assistant Heidi Baker.

Greetings and Blessings
Team Love Never Fails Belgium

I am writing to regretfully inform you that Heidi has to cancel her engagement at your event. Due to the catastrophic events of the last two months with two devastating cyclones ravaging Mozambique, Heidi is compelled to stay and continue the relief efforts.

Cyclone Kenneth hit Heidi & Rolland's hometown of Pemba and the districts to the north with record-breaking ferocity and hundreds of thousands of people have been impacted. The cyclone itself destroyed 90% of the homes in some areas and the subsequent flooding displaced even more people and drastically delayed the ability to provide emergency rescue and relief. The situation grows more and more desperate every day because the access to many villages is cut off and they are resorting to eating snails, worms, and green coconuts.

Our Iris ministry center is uniquely positioned to provide critical logistical assistance during this crisis because we have facilities, vehicles, personnel, other resources at our disposal. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has called on Iris to be an integral part of the team and we have joined with World Food Programme, Samaritan’s Purse, World Health Organization, and the Mozambican government to reach a particular hard-hit and difficult to reach area. We are bringing in food, tarps, medicine, building materials, mosquito nets, and other supplies to approximately 36,000 people.

We are profoundly aware of the impact this cancellation may have on your event and we sincerely pray God will use this for His glory! Please take this opportunity to join with us in intercession for the people of Mozambique as we stay to be His hands and feet. This video link shows the gravity of the situation and puts our priorities into clear focus:

In addition, Heidi will follow up this letter with a personal video message you may use during your event if you choose.

With much love and grace,

Shelly Prosch

Executive Assistant to Heidi Baker